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Van Etten Suzumoto & Sipprelle LLP
Provides the highest quality litigation and trial services for companies and individuals throughout Southern California, the United States and abroad in the areas of complex commercial litigation, employment law, personal injury, product liability and intellectual property.


At Van Etten Suzumoto & Sipprelle LLP, our commercial litigators have extensive experience in jury and non-jury trials, appeals, arbitrations, and mediations.  We represent businesses throughout Southern California and beyond, from hospitality companies and food manufacturers to oil and aerospace companies, from financial institutions to hospitals and physician practice groups.  Our attorneys can handle your complex commercial litigation matter across a wide range of subjects:

Corporate and Partnership Matters

Fiduciary relations – corporate officers and directors owe duties to the corporation to act in good faith for the benefit of the company, and any alleged self-dealing, conflict of interest, or usurpation of a corporate opportunity can be the basis of a civil suit.  In addition to this duty of loyalty, officers also have a duty of care and must act according to a certain standard of diligence and competence, in good faith and in accordance with the business judgment rule.

Shareholder disputes – when shareholders believe management has failed to act, they may sue in the name of the corporation in a derivative suit.  Many requirements must first be met before a derivative suit may be initiated, including making a demand on the board to take action first.  Our firm is experienced in shareholder disputes and other corporate class actions.

Insurance matters – including coverage issues and claims of bad faith stemming from allegations such as unreasonable refusal or delay in payment of claims or refusal to defend or settle a third party claim.

Creditors’ rights – helping banks and other financial institutions and other creditors to enforce their rights in debt collection practices, including mortgage and lien foreclosures, equitable remedies, replevin/repossession, attacking fraudulent transfers and enforcing judgments.  We also represent creditors in bankruptcy cases to make sure their rights and status are protected.

Lender liability – breach of contract, fraud and other litigation between borrower and lender, including fiduciary relationships and arm’s length transactions, and collateral sales after loan defaults.

Business Torts

Many lawyers focus on contract disputes as the main point of contention in business relations, but in reality companies face litigation from a variety of conduct outside of the interpretation or execution of a contract, including:

  • Unfair business and trade practices
  • Trade secrets
  • Unfair competition
  • Interference with contractual relations
  • Defamation

Real Estate

Whether buying or selling, investing or developing, commercial real estate transactions involve a great deal of time and money to put together.  All of the effort expended on planning, investigating, and conducting due diligence, not to mention constructing or maintaining property, can all seem for naught when things go awry.  We can help resolve disputes arising at any stage of the transaction, including:

  • Breach of purchase contracts
  • Specific performance
  • Landlord tenant disputes
  • Broker liability
  • Land use
  • Eminent domain

No matter what stage your dispute is at when you come to us, our firm will work to resolve the matter favorably and efficiently.  Contact Van Etten Suzumoto & Sipprelle LLP to discuss your commercial litigation case.


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